Referral Program

How does a referral program work?
A referral program is an organised process in which customers are rewarded for spreading the word. For example, customers at a gym might get two free personal training sessions for referring a friend. The friend, coming to the gym because of a referral, would get the same deal
How do I refer someone?
We will provide you with a unique referral link that you can send to your friends, colleagues or share online such as Twitter or Facebook. We will also provide you with a code that can be enter at the checkout
What will I receive in return?
Once you have signed up you will receive a code/link that will give anyone who uses it 10% off anything they purchase via the online store. In return you will receive 10% as cash back into your chosen account. You can earn more if you refer more, see below.
Jim Smith buys 50 Match Cards at £10.00. He uses Bill Jones' code and gets 10% off so saving £1.00. Bill Jones' receives £1.00 cash into his chosen account.
How can I earn more?
The more people you refer the more money you will make.
Total sales over all customers referred
Bronze Tier - £0.00 - £49.99 = 10%
Silver Tier - £50.00 - £99.99 = 15%
Gold Tier - 100.00 plus = 20%
Bill Jones is in the Gold Tier and gives his referral code to Tim Clark, Tim uses the code and buys £30.00 worth of match cards. Tim saves £3.00 as he gets 10% off and Bill gets £6.00 cash back as he is in the Gold Tier so earns 20% of the sale for himself.
How do I sign up?
Use the Contact Us link at the bottom left of this page and enter 'Referral Program' as the subject heading or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter